Founder, owner & CEO

Lone Skriver

Lone is the founder and CEO of our company. Holding a M.A. of German and Japanese languages, she chose Global Mobility as a given field of business and she has been engaged in this field since 2008.

Lone holds a solid experience as an advisor and leader within the Global Mobility industry from large, multinational companies in Denmark and abroad.

If you want to learn how to hire employees from abroad, or become successful in a full lifecycle secondment of employees cross-border, this is where you want to start your journey.

Owner & CFO

Simon Bøgelund Kristensen

Simon is the co-owner of our company, our CFO and tax expert.

His career as an advisor on corporate and personal taxation has been divided between BIG 4 companies and multinational production companies, until he chose to become an independent business owner in 2020.

Simon is passionate about complex challenges within taxation and he can break down even the most technical tax-terms to a level that anyone will comprehend.

Tax Director

Jacob Trier Gebauer

Jacob is the cornerstone of our Tax Department. Certified a Commercial Barrister, Jacob has throughout the past 12 years acquired a unique experience with international tax systems from international consulting firms and multinational production companies.
With a steady hand, Jacob guides you through tax related challenges. He will be ready at any point in time to talk you through taxation in Denmark and abroad and give you peace at heart, knowing that you abide by the law in all countries.

Senior Data & Process Specialist

Line Riber

Line is our top secret weapon within data and process handling. Holding an experience of Supply Chain Management and Controlling, Line has excelled her career between HR, Finance and Payroll for more than 10 years.

Line’s stringent approach to tasks and processes helps our customers understand how to dissole gordic knots and make things more tangible. If you want to get your administration under control, Line is your go-to woman.

Senior Global Mobility Consultant

Tiny Maerschalk

Tiny is the founder and creator of an extensive number of actions and improvements for international colleagues and foreign studens in Denmark. She knows the Danish public system and structures better than most people and her understanding of how to support and collaborate with international workforces is unique and without comparison to anything or anyone. When you want to hire employees from abroad, Tiny will be your captain of the vessel, guiding you in the on-boarding, reception or retention phases. She’s the one you want to call.


Junior Controller

Ida Marie Skriver Pedersen

Ida is our Junior Controller and the first employee graduating as vocational apprentice from COMPA Mobility as Office Assistant. She has specialized in administration and has been an expatriate herself, working in Germany as an Administrative Clerk for one for the world’s largest companies.
Her dedicated approach and helpfulness in the office is of great benefit to all of her colleagues, and our customers are typically supported by Ida when she assists in controlling data for relevant employees that are working cross-border.

Global Mobility Senior Consultant

Sanne Torp Lærke

Sanne is at the core of projects for many of our customers. With a steady mind, she is a solid guide on e.g. tax related topics, social security as well as registrations, nationally and abroad.

Trained Commercial Lawyer and with an extensive experience from an international advisory company, she is a gem for customers who assign their employees, contractors, sub-suppliers or consultants to work abroad.

Sanne keeps an eye on the greater picture and she is your perfect starting point if you are operating a project abroad and you don’t know where to start and which rules apply for your specific situation and company when you assign people across borders to carry out work.

Senior Data Specialist

Rasmus Daugaard Kristensen

A numbers crusher and data nerd is pretty much summing up the description of Rasmus’ capabilities. Master of Finance and 10+ years of hands-on experience as economist and data analyst, he is a champ in handling large amounts of data and convert it into comprehensive knowledge.

Har du behov for at indrapportere oplysninger på dine udstationerede medarbejdere til myndigheder rundt omkring i verden?

Do you need to report and transfer data of your internationally assigned employees to authorities worldwide? Are you ready to optimize the basis of data handling and control the administration of your traveling employees better? Then Rasmus is the guy you want to help you out.

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