We are more than just legislation and logistics

We are right by your side throughout the entire journey

Collaboration & partnerhip

We are a unique partner to you, creating taylormade solutions and contributing with extensive knowledge within the Global Mobility industry. We work in a mutual partnership with you.

Your success

Your success is our success! We are happy to support you in optimizing your processes and help your employees get ready in order for them to perform to their utmost. It affects your financial results directly and positively.

We are available 24/7

Regardless of the type of challenges or needs you may encounter, we are here for you around the clock. The world changes by the hour and problems arise. We are always by your side and ready to engage our worldwide network.

360 degrees

Secondment is much more than jurisdiction and logistics. It’s all about human beings – families and emotions. We handle all aspects of the international transfers in order for your employees and their families to get the best experience.

COMPA Mobility

- a dynamic company

Throughout the past 10 years the need for expatriating employees as well as onboarding an international workforce has increased considerably while the pace of the world is changing. To a larger extent, Danish as well as foreign companies choose to make use of a global workforce and in 2020 the United Nations assessed that 281 mio. people work and reside outside of their home country. Adding to this statistics, an unknown number of travellers cross borders each year to carry out work on behalf of their employer.

In COMPA Mobility we hold a total of 75 years of experience with international assignments. Throughout the years, we have handled thousands of tasks worldwide – from Southern New Zealand to the Northern parts of Finland, as well as from Eeastern China to the far West of the United States. 

We solve global tasks – big as well as small – with high standards of quality and our network reaches around the entire globe 24/7.

We make sure to cover your employees’ needs at a 360 degrees circle – from housing and paperwork to signing up children in kindergarden and vaccinations of the family dog.

Our consultants are your advisory while they also share their own experience and network with you and your employees. They always bring their hearts to work which is the basis of a genuine experience for your employees and their families – and it generates a positive impact for your company’s financial outcome. Not least does it affect your employees in feeling encouraged to go on international assignments and do the job for you.

’Compassion’, ’Passion’ and ’Compliance’ are our key values which is why we chose to name our company COMPA Mobility.


COMPA Mobility is with you all the way – for the safety of your employees and for your company.

Global mobility

Global Mobility refers to the movement of a person across national, regional, cultural or linguistic borders, and in modern time, Global Mobility has a considerable influence on organizations’ ability to deliver a service to users and consumersWikipedia

Auditing abroad can be a real challenge

COMPA Mobility creates security for you

CASE: Auditing in Denmark can be a nightmare for most people !
- But then, you haven’t seen anything until you are audited abroad !!

Suddenly one day, foreign authorities approached our customer. They disagreed with the course of action that our customer had taken. Luckily, COMPA Mobility’s consultant was able to step in as an assessor to our customer throughout the dialogue with the foreign authorities and foreign advisors.

”We encountered several hours of negotiations in multiple languages, involving several layers of jurisdiction and COMPA Mobility helped throughout the dialogue and made us feel safe”  

This unspecified inquiry from the authorities was broken down into specific points of action. Our customer knows as of now what to do and they may unrepentantly proceed with their business.

Outbound and inbound secondments

Your employee will not settle

until the entire family has settled in


In COMPA Mobility we take care of the entire family. Many people choose to bring along their dog or cat on international assignments – rest assured that we are duly updated with legislation and we handle vaccinations and possible quarantine rules. 


Although the family moves abroad, it is paramount that accompanying children may continue their daycare and schooling. We will find the best solutions in order to uphold the appropriate level of education, creativity and a continuous connection to friends.


Sparetime activities are important to all of us. This is where friendships are made and interests are maintained. Whether you’re interested in racketball, passionate about scouting or love horses, our global network will make sure to find the best solutions for you and your family.

Social life

It may have fatal consequences if access to a social life can not be sustained during an international assignment. It makes people home sick and creates a sense of loneliness. We are doing EVERYTHING possible to stay duly focused on how to build relations and new friendships, while abroad.

COMPA Mobility

Reach our to us for successful inbound and outbound secondments

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